is a bespoke website and print design studio based in Scotland, crafting elegant design solutions for small businesses.

Because businesses have personalities too.

I take the time to get to know your evolving business, your niche market and your ideas. I custom design websites for people who are passionate about their work and want their sites to stand out from the crowd.

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Website design, coding, jukebox

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I can help with:

  • Brand development and Logo design
  • Bespoke website design
  • Graphic design
  • Web standards and accessibility
  • Writing for websites
  • Illustration

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is the branding, web and print design service company run by Elizabeth Dell, based on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.

combines creative ideas, accessible standards-based code and robust project management. I offer you great ideas, individual solutions and hand-crafted work. I bring experience of multimedia project development, design, project management and copy writing; I am good at organising ideas and thinking through to the best solution. I love new challenges.


What I do

originated as the design section of Think Technologies engineering problem solving consultancy. Registered in Scotland SC257576 in 2003.

About Thinked: What I do

Bespoke website design:

I love the challenge of making one-off custom websites that are simple, stylish, and effective. I build sites that are clear, well structured, easy to navigate and reflect the best of your business. I can advise and work on optimising your existing site, or begin it all afresh. And I can manage all the many parts that go toward making a website unique, beautiful, and functional–graphics, text, illustration, original artwork, sound (and of course good HTML and CSS coding).

Graphic design:

Good graphic design forms the basis for good web design. I believe that a strong brand identity is important and work with you on all aspects of design that you may need. I would design the logo and branding for the website, of course, but can happily extend that across into printed media. has produced beautiful corporate stationery (business cards, letterheads, compliment slips) marketing and merchandising material (information leaflets and conference folders; gifts such as pens, calendars, wrapping papers, drinks mats). Leaflets and brochures range from snappy folded business cards, through posters, to 100 page digital printed booklets.

Branding your business:

Branding is more than just a logo (although I do certainly design those) and a set of colours and fonts. Branding involves identifying, manipulating and making memorable your unique brand - the heart of your business, your values, your processes. Branding is about everything that forms the bond between your business and your customers. I will help you to research and establish a consitent, honest brand identity which will be memorable to your intended audience.

Copy writing for websites:

Different clients have different requirements and skills – some produce all of their own text, others prefer to have the writing done for them. I manage each project individually, so can work with you to shape your text for your internet readers, or provide a full copy writing service. Whoever writes it, the aim is to produce text that is clear, consistent across the site – and which keeps your on-screen readers’ attention (as well as that of the search-engine robots)

Hosting and content management:

Because a website is not just for Christmas... can manage all of the technical aspects of being a website owner; the purchasing of your own domain name (and ensuring that you keep it), hosting your site with a secure, reliable service provider, keeping your information current. Because businesses change and grow, I will discuss with you options for updating and managing your website (whether I do all the work, or where you manage the content, the blogs, the keeping in touch with your clients). I can also help you set up and manage membership lists and email newsletters, if that’s your chosen way of keeping in touch.

The internet for small businesses:

Part of the magic of the Web is that it is built on open access, shared information and resources. The benefit for smaller businesses and individuals is enormous. There are numerous ways that the major internet players have made their expensively engineered innovations available to all, often at no cost. With a bit of ingenuity, and by carefully using these utilities to match your needs, we can build the functions that you need at greatly reduced development costs. That is the democracy of the internet (think software provided by Google (calendars, mail), Yahoo (calendar publishing) PayPal (secure merchant software), blog hosting and software, social networking sites) – the options are limitless.

With the internet, small budgets do not mean small ideas.

About Thinked: How I work

I aim to understand your unique business situation. Simple or complex, tried and tested or brand new, together we can craft the best solution for you.

Why "Think":

I take trouble to understand your business, your clients. I love the challenge of organising your ideas, material into an elegant, accessible structure.  I offer individual attention to detail. Quality. Not quantity. (You can pronounce as "thinked" with apologies to my grammar teachers and parents)

Project management:

Good project management and communication is essential to a good design project. Designing is exciting. To make sure we are all getting excited about the same things, we set in place a structure for managing all stages of the work, being clear about agreed goals, timescales and budgets.

Design with purpose:

The bottom line is good design. The foundation for all my work is creative, clear graphic design. It is not good enough that websites look pretty, they must work well, accessibly, appropriately. They must answer to human visitors as well as search engines.

Technical skills:

My websites are crafted using CSS, XHTML, to achieve compliancy with web standards and accessibility standards. I test our sites in a range of browsers, and compensate for their foibles if appropriate. I am constantly reviewing my skills and learning new ones. And has the infrastructure to outsource code to achieve specific goals.

Search-engine aware:

Your site is structured and text and metadata is written to optimise search engine indexing. I register new sites with search engines and directories to help improve the visibility of your site on the internet. I am able to advise and refer to partners if more specialised search engine optimisation and paid advertising is what you need.

Specified design costings:

Each job that I do is unique, I do not try to make your business fit a template. The cost of the work will depend on what you need from the internet - whether that is a five-page "brochure site" or one that requires greater interactivity, such as selling, blogging, calendars, jukebox, etc. But whatever your design needs, we will agree these before we begin your project. Your contract will outline design specification and cost (which is worked out based on an hourly rate). And we will all honour that specification. That doesn't rule out flexibility though; any changes or new bright ideas from you or me will also have clearly defined costs - no hidden charges.

No fancy tricks. To quote the design brief of a much respected colleague. 

About Elizabeth Dell (PhD):
Elizabeth Dell Avitar by Anna Bradford

I am inspired by the limitless possibilities of the web. I love the technical challenge of resolving designs: organising ideas and information and crafting beautiful simple web structures.

I bring to the design studio a wealth of visual training and experience: twenty years of experience in graphic design, fine art, art history, publishing and museum design and curatorship. The consistent thread has been using beautiful things to identify and communicate ideas and make sense of the material world.

Since 1998 I have worked with digital design and the internet; first as originator, project manager, and writer for museum sites and interactive kiosks, more recently using these skills to develop branding and produce custom design websites for start-up businesses.

I am inspired by what the internet can do for small businesses. For me the challenge lies in how the internet is constantly growing; I know that at the start of each unique project there will be new skills required, something different to try.

Let me help you explore your business and the web.

Selected highlights

I offer a broad range of design skills based in a wealth of multimedia experience: design, branding, project specification, writing, project management. With every job I aim to learn something new, a way to do things better.

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Thinking about designing or redesigning your website? Starting out and needing help with branding? Whether you are already established on the web, or just starting out, I would love to hear about your business.

Feel free to contact me with whatever questions you might have.

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